Nightly Air Scrubbing AutoMation

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I believe that air quality is incredibly important and I go out of my way to make sure that my family has the best possible air throughout the day, and more importantly the night where they are resting their cute little heads on their pillows.

This is a very simple set of shortcuts where I turn on a Homekit Compatible Air Purifier at maximum fan speed for approx. 30 minutes before bedtime to make sure that the air in that particular bedroom is fresh and clean with minimal dust and VoCs as we all head off to sleep.


Smartmi Air Purifier

Vocolinc Air Purifier

Apple homehub (required for all Automations)


Eve Home app – It is possible to do this in the Apple native Home app, but it’s easier to see the automation in the Eve Home app which is why I’m using in this post.

Vendor app (optional) – Might be required to set the target scenes


This is actually two sets of an automation and scene combination which is described in this basic logic

Step 1. Create Homekit Scenes

Create the two Homekit scenes which we are going to use in our two automations

High Speed Air Scrub Scene

The first scene is going to switch the Air purifier into manual mode and set the fan speed to maximum. This is probably going to be fairly loud so be aware of that before you scare someone.

Normal Air Auto Scene

The second scene is going to switch the Air purifier into auto mode. For some Purifiers, like the Vocolinc PureFlow, there may be a Sleep mode that you can use to turn off the front panel display as well

Step 2. Create Automations

Now we’re going to create a simple time-based automation that turns on the first Scene ( Max speed ) at approx a 1/2 hour before bedtime.

Scene 1 – 1/2h before bedtime

Scene 2 – Bedtime

The second scene we are also going to use a simple time-based trigger to set the purifiers back to auto 30 minutes after the first scene was set.

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