Meet the new Homekit Products from Eve Systems

For those of you who haven’t been following the Apple homekit smart home accessories market closely, you might have missed that the gaming and streaming parts of Elgato went to Corsair, allowing the Eve division to focus on it’s vision of delivery some great Apple Homekit compatible accessories.

Great news for us Homekit customers, the first new batch of Eve’s Homekit accessories were announced this morning at IFA 2018 in Germany.

So what’s new?

Since releasing the first generation of Eve products a few years ago, Eve has been focused on delivering accessories across all the homekit categories and the newly announced products fill in a couple of holes in their portfolio nicely.

Making a change from their usual design choice of using bluetooth as the communications method, All of these products rely on wifi technology as the active communication path.

Although bluetooth is great for devices like motion or air quality sensors who communicate rarely, it’s just not a great protocol for controlling lights. I really appreciate Eve’s design choice to use wifi as it means a couple of things

  1. No hubs to get in the way – which cuts down on the amount of hubs I have to plug in
  2. Controlling the brightness and colours of Lights will be much more responsive.

* Note: I can’t say for sure until I test them that these devices will respond any faster/slower than devices that use bluetooth or Zigbee as their main communication method. That’s just my best guess based on experience many other devices.

So what products are coming you ask?

Eve Light Switch

Eve Light Switch EU Lifestyle 02Eve Light Switch EU Device 01

The new Eve Light switch seems to be made for European customers and based on the information I’ve seen likely won’t be for sale outside of Europe. This is great for Eve European customers but probably doesn’t matter so much for those of us in North America.

Eve Light Strip

Eve Light StripEve Light Strip Product

Although Eve has been slow to release any light products ( the Flare being the only other light available right now ), the light strip is a really nice addition to the Eve family. Although there’s a lot of competition in this particular category, the Eve Light Strip is definitely a contender.

The Eve Light Strip ships with

  • full color and white controls
  • an output of 1800 Lumens per 2 meters
  • connecting via wifi ( 2.4 Ghz )

What remains to be seen is if Eve will be enabling any dynamic scenes in their app to allow for more dynamic lighting like simulating sunrise/sunset which is available in some of the competition.

Eve Power Strip

Eve Power Strip EU Lifestyle 03Eve Power Strip EU US

The Eve power strip was the last thing announced this morning and they are stunning to look at. Following with the black and aluminum frame esthetic that they’ve used in the second generation of their products ( Eve Degree, Eve Button, Eve Room gen2 ), these products are beautiful in a way that won’t have you wanting to hide them behind the sofa.

The Eve Power Strip highlights:

  • available in both EU and US formats, l
  • lets you plug in up to three devices
  • Individual power control for each of the three plugs.

I’m sure that the power consumption and cost projection that they’ve had in the Eve app for the current Eve Energy plug will also be available here.

Unlike the Eve Energy, they have chosen to use Wifi (2.4Ghz) as the communication protocol which means you will be able to put these wherever you have good wifi access. I applaud Eve for choosing to go with wifi for the Eve Power Strip as it simply makes more sense and makes it more responsive.

Although the Eve Power strip is missing the 3 USB interfaces available on similar products from Vocolinc and Koogeek, it’s almost unfair to even try to compare these products as the look and feel of the Eve Power Strip really puts it in another class. The biggest issue I can see with the Eve Power Strip is not wanting to plug any cords into it because it just looks so pretty without all those wires.

Looking forward

The Eve Room was one of the first Homekit sensors I bought and they are a company that I’ve loved to watch grow. These are not devices you are going to want to hide in a corner, but devices that you are going to want to display and proudly declare that you are a Smarthome owner.

I can’t wait to my hands on these products and see how they work in the real world.

Questions, comments?

If you’re looking for more info on Eve Systems Homekit products, check out the following playlist

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