HOW TO: Add NFC Pairing to Your Apple Homekit Devices

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If you’ve ever had to recover your homekit home, you will know how difficult it can be to get your smarthome back up and running properly after a homekit disaster. The beautiful thing about the new NFC functionality in iOS13 is that you can add NFC Homekit pairing to older Homekit devices that will help to speed up adding devices to your smarthome.

Things you need to know

1. Older style Homekit codes can’t currently be converted into a format that can be automatically added to your Homekit Home. You can still write the code to the NFC tag so it’s handy when you need it again, but it’s not going to be as easy as if you have the new style codes.

2. You’ll need any app that can read the contents of a QR code. I use the Scan app but any app that can show you the contents of a QR Code should work here.

3. You’ll need an NFC Tag manager app to write the contents to your NFC codes. I use the NFC Tools app but any app that can write custom URIs to NFC tags should work here.

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      1. I’m sorry, am still a bit wary. Are you using NXP NTAG213 chip with 144 bytes of memory, NTAG210μ chip with 48 bytes of memory, or some other chip and memory size?

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      2. I’m still learning about the different attributes of the NFC tags, I’ve had success with both the NTAG213 and I believe some NTAG215 tags. I just did a quick test and the QR code content transformed into text is showing as 25Bytes, so in theory, you MIGHT be able to use the NTAG210 as it seems to have enough space in it to hold the QR string in the tag. I can’t confirm this though as I don’t have any of the 210’s on hand. Hoping this helps!

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