Amazon Alexa now supports Named Routines

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Although Amazon Echo/Alexa ecosystem is considered to be a leader in the “smarthome” in most setup’s it’s actually far more fair to say that Amazon is really just providing voice control services on top of someone else’s system.

Earlier this week, Amazon made a small, but meaningful change, in the direction of becoming a true player in the smarthome world. Specifically, we now have the ability to give custom names to our amazon routines.

Although this may not seam like a big deal, this is a very important piece of functionality if you are considering making Amazon the brains behind your smart home system. Prior to this new feature, Amazon Routines ( which is where automations are configured ) was limited to some default naming convention which was defined by Amazon and was really really useless.

If you had more than a couple of automations triggered by a specific device, it was impossible to tell which one you were trying to work with without having to examine each routine until you found the one you were looking for.

For me, this made it totally unworkable and I abandoned Amazon routines for anything other than basic time scheduled actions. And if I’m honest, I didn’t even use it for that very often.

The ability to name routines is HUGE for me. What do you guys think? #amazonecho #homekitgeek #smarthome

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