Wyze Sensor Kit now support Amazon Alexa Routines

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When I first heard that Wyze was releasing a security sensor pack I was very excited! Wyze has made low-cost good quality, reliable security cameras and I was excited to see what they would bring to the security sensor game. Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed with what I received.

Wyze initial release only supported the Wyze ecosystem. At the time Wyze hadn’t released lights or plugs yet, so they were pretty useless. As Wyze continued to release more products ( lights and plugs ) and added some basic automation capabilities to their app, they got a little more useful, but to be honest, I have no interest at all in the Wyze plugs or lights. So they continued to be useless to me.

Fortunately, Wyze was working in the background to enhance their Amazon Smarthome skill and we saw the fruits of that earlier this month. The Wyze motion and contact sensors are not exposed to Amazon Alexa smarthome which means we can now use them for triggering our Amazon Alexa based smarthome routines.

I’ve now dusted my Wyze sensors off and I’m finally able to setup up some new routines leveraging the Wyze motion sensors with my Philips Hue or Lifx bulbs, or to turn on and off my Vocoilinc or TP-Link/Kasa or Wemo Smart plugs. I’m really happy to see that Wyze is getting their business together and making sure that their customers have the ability to choose how their smarthome will work rather than being forced into using Wyze’s products.

Looking forward to seeing what Wyze releases in 2020! #wyze #alexa #smarthome

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