Awair Element Air Quality Sensor Unboxing and First Looks

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Awair is a company that has been focusing on helping us understand how important air quality and making sure that we do it with a sense of style. One of the things I love about Awair as a company is that they understand that as fast as indoor air quality can change, we need to make sure that the air quality sensors we put in our houses are built with a design that will blend in to our homes. The Awair Element is the latest addition to the Awair family and addresses one of the drawbacks of it’s big brother, the Awair Gen2, which is the cost.

Although the Awair Gen2 is one of my favorite devices and I love the warm organic feel that the wood finish brings, I completely understand that the price associated with the premium materials can be a barrier to some people. Fortunately, Awair brought us a device which still delivers on the aesthetic and style that the company has become known. And the best part is that Awair has managed to deliver what I feel is a great looking device that delivers on almost all the technical benefits of the Awaire Gen2 while still managing to cut 25% off the price tag of it’s big brother.

Beyond the lack of the wood finish, there are a couple of technical differences between the Awair Gen2 and the Awair Element. The Awair Element does not include the light or sound sensors ( which aren’t currently exposed at this point in time so there’s no tangible loss of functionality to current customers ). As well, the Awair Element does not include the knock feature of the Awair Gen2 which allows users to cycle through the interface by knocking on the top of the device.

On the bright side, the Awair Element delivers the exact same AQI sensors that make the Awair Gen2 one of the best in class for consumer grade AQI sensors including

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Volatile Organic Compound Sensor
  • Co2 Sensor
  • Particulate Matter 2.5 Sensor

As well, the Awair Element also includes a consistent interface experience with easy to understand Awair AQI score displayable on the LED which can be easily read from across the room. No need to grab your phone or ask your voice assistant, the quality of the air you’re taking into your body can be quickly understood with a glance from anywhere in the room.

I’m a big fan of Awair in general and the Element is a more economical addition which will complement my existing Awair products in my journey to make sure that my families air health is addressed in my entire house. #AQI #Awair #AirQuality

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