IKEA Home Smart Fyrtur Blinds: Now with Apple Homekit!

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If you’re looking for a more detailed review on the IKEA Home Smart Fyrtur Smart blinds please look here.

For those of us in the Homekit camp, this is starting to be an pattern we expect with IKEA. New product is released. But no homekit support. They first did it with the plugs, then they did it again with the blinds. Although this can be frustrating at times as we use projects like Home Assistant or Homebridge to fill the gap while we wait, I actually appreciate the slow but steady approach that IKEA has been taking to their market.

True to form, IKEA finally released the new IKEA bridge firmware that exposes the IKEA smart blinds to Homekit last week. Although this was already released in the US, for those of us outside the US we’re starting to see the update roll out. Already we’ve seen this popping up in Canada as well Europe and should be widely available by the time this video posts. Have you seen the new IKEA Gateway firmware in your region? Let me know in the comments below! #IKEA #Homekit #Update

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