Is the SmartDry Sensor worth your money?


The SmartDry unit used in the making of this video was provided to me for review purposes at no cost. I think you should know in case you think that affects my opinion.

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When I first got in touch with SmartDry I was VERY skeptical as to whether or not the SmartDry Laundry Sensor was going to have any measurable impact on my life. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s quickly become one of those devices that I LOVE having around because it helps make sure that things don’t go wrong.

At first glance, the SmartDry Laundry Sensor is one of those devices that you look at and thing “Wow. Why would I ever need that?” and you might be right. In my case, I was especially skeptical in that I already have a “smart” dryer with a built in dryness sensor that’s supposed to detect when the laundry is dry and automatically turn off the dryer.

Unfortunately, sometimes that sensor goes a little wonky and the dryer stops before the load is actually dry. This exact situation is where I quickly found the value of the SmartDry Sensor.

One of the SmartDry sensor’s main selling features is the ability to save you money. They claim that by using the Sensor’s ability to detect when clothes are actually dry, you can then run down to the laundry room and turn the dryer off and avoid wasting energy on continuing to dry clothes that are already dry. In practice, I’ve found that a house with multiple kids just means that IF you see the notification there’s usually something else going on that prevents you from running to turn the dryer off.

The feature that I found to be unbelievably useful is the SmartDry Laundry Sensor’s ability to detect when things in the dryer are still wet. Busy day and you throw sheets in the dryer and say “I’ll make the bed later”. Dryer finishes. You go down at around 9pm to figure out the dryer stopped early and the sheets are still wet. THIS is the situation that the SmartDry Laundry sensor helped me avoid. And that makes it all worth it for me. What do you think?

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